Hello, my name is Pradeep Kumar Maurya, founder of Angreji Masterji. I am business trainer, blogger, YouTuber and career adviser.

I would like to tell you that I am into digital marketing from the time when people did not know the meaning of digital marketing.

I started blogging in 2018 but Angreji Masterji is not my first blog.

I started Angreji Masterji in 2018 because there were few blogs where you could find the information on digital marketing, career & education.

Although business idea is my favorite topic but I have excellent knowledge on digital marketing, online jobs, career & education topics.

At Angreji Masterji, you will find content on various topics including digital marketing, SEO, career, online jobs & education tips, different career options, business ideas etc.

What is published on Angreji Masterji is coming by experience & research.

About Pradeep Maurya

I completed my Graduation from one of premier college MGKV in Varanasi. I am into digital marketing from the time, when this term was not exist.

Apart from Angreji Masterji, my another favorite blog is Angreji Masterji Varanasi where I write on English speaking & motivational story.

I am also running a digital marketing training center Sunday Digital Workshop in Varanasi where we have a unique approach to teach digital marketing online business.