Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

यदि आप इस Daily use English words with Hindi meaning Post में दिए गए English to Hindi word meaning list जिन्हें सीखने के बाद आप बहुत आसानी से अंग्रेजी बोलने और लिखने में कर सकते हैं;

आपको पता होना चाहिए कि Idioms and phrases का प्रयोग अंग्रेजी वाक्य में बहुत महत्तव रखता है, इनके प्रयोग को सीखकर कोई भी अपनी अंग्रेजी को काफी  बना सकता है।

इस Daily use English words with Hindi meaning post में जितने भी English words list with Hindi meaning दिए गए हैं, सभी हर दिन अंग्रेजी बोलने और लिखने में काम आने वाले हैं, तो चलिए बिना देर किए सीखना शुरु करते हैं – 

बदले में लेना-देना – Trade in- I traded in my old car for a new one.

फायदा उठाना – Trade on- I traded on his good nature to help me out of my financial difficulties.

पहन कर देखना – Try on- The tailor asked me to try on the coat.

जाँच के लिए चलाकर देखना – Try outYou should try out that T.V. set before you finally buy it.

किसी के खिलाफ खड़े हो जाना – Turn against- We have been such good friends and I had no idea that he would turn against me.

प्रस्तुत करना – Turn in- He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall.

निगरानी करना, रक्षा करना – Watch overThe dog faithfully watched over his master’s sleeping child.

Learn English meaning of Hindi Words List –

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धुँधला पड़ना – Wear off- This colour will wear off soon.

Learn Some Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

समय नष्ट करना – While away- Get to work. Don’t while away your time in trifles.

अनदेखी करना – Wink at- I can wink at his faults no longer.

किसी तरीके से खोलना – Work open- I had lost my suitcase key, but somehow I managed to work it open.

मुख्यत :, खासकर – Above all- Above all, don’t mention this to Hari.

हक्का-बक्का होना – Aghast at- As she entered the hospital she looked aghast at the bed of the wounded.

अचानक – All at once-  All at once the sky became dark and it began to rain.

झगड़े का परिणाम/कारण – Apple of discord-  Ever since their father’s death this property has been an apple of discord between the two brothers.

  • Throng – इकट्ठा होना – More than three crore people have thronged the Maha Kumbh here on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya.
  • Rush – तेजी से दौड़ना – We have rushed to the site of the mishap.
  • Stamped – भगदड़ – Earlier in the day, two pilgrims were killed and 5 others critically injured during a stamped.
  • Suffocation – दम घुटना – Three others died of suffocation and heart attack in different incident.
  • Deter – रोकना – Police didn’t deter the crores of devotees swarming (भीड़ लगाना) the kumbh area to perform their religious rituals.
  • Some more word meaning list English to Hindi –
  • Pop and show – धूम-धड़ाका – The real pop and show began at around 4:30 am.
  • Sway – झुकाना – Even Nityanand, wearing a golden crown, was happily swaying to the chartbuster bhajan, smiling at the hordes (दल) of people who were caught in the jam due to the snan procession.
  • Flux – रेल-पेल – Flux of crowd was the largest between 4 am. and 8 am. and due to the shahi snan procession the place was choc-o-bloc.

Learn Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

बहुत प्रिय – Apple of one’s eye- His lovely little daughter is the apple of his eye.

थोड़ा-सा भी – At all- He told me that he did not have any money at all.

दिए हुए वचन से मुकर जाना – Back out of-  He backed out of the promise he had given me.

दुश्मनी – Bad blood- There is bad blood between the two brothers.

बहुत ध्यान से सुनना – Be all ears- The children were all ears as I began to tell the story of Mahabharat.

निश्चित रुप से – Be Bound- We are bound to be late If you don’t hurry.

Learn Some Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

मर जाना – Be no more- Since her husband is no more she feels quite lost.

बुलाने पर हाजिर होना – Beck and call- You can not expect me to be at your beck and call every time.

अनुकूल अवसर के लिए शांति से प्रतीक्षा करना – Bide and time-  The hunter bided his time till the tiger approached the pond for a drink.

समान स्वभाव के लोग – Birds of a feather-  Birds of a feather tend to flock together. 

बदनाम आदमी – Black sheep- Rohan is the black sheep of the family.

जी जान से – Body and soul- He gave himself body and soul to the pursuit of learning.

जिगरी दोस्त – Bosom friend- Ramesh and Rakesh are bosom friend.  

छुपने के स्थान से बाहर आना – Break cover- The enemy resumed heavy firing as the soldier broke cover.

राज खोलना – Bring to light- The C.I.D. brought to light a hideous conspiracy to assassinate the police chief.

मैं आशा करता हूँ कि आपको ऊपर बताए गए सभी Daily use English words with Hindi meaning अच्छे से समझ में आ गए होंगे; यदि हाँ तो चलिए आगे हम कुछ और daily use English words with Hindi meaning को सीखना शुरू करते हैं.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning in Hindi for English speaking

  • Accompany – साथ देना – Accompanied by all saints and nagas.
  • Congregation – धार्मिक समाज – Bringing the entire congregation almost to a halt.
  • Onlooker – तमाशबीन – One onlooker from Belgium, when asked about his expression, quipped (ठठ्ठा मारना), “I have never seen such a large crowd.
  • Consecutive – लगातार – As kashmir continued to reel under curfew for the second consecutive day on Sunday.
  • Hereby – इस कारण से – General public is hereby informed that the man in the picture namely Balram Halwai alias Munna.
  • Spews – उल्टी करना – She lies in bed and spews blood; she has got no time to name me.
  • Lick – चाटना – He licked his lips.
  • It’s up to me – यह सब मुझपर है.
  • Resolution – स्वीकृति प्रस्ताव – One line resolution from states authorising.
  • He gaped at me – मुझ पर फट पड़ा
  • From then on – उस समय – I was Balram from the then on.
  • Chok – जंजाल बनना – Ponds in the middle of those fields choked.
  • Well – off – संपन्न – Every place on the map of India near the ocean is well-off.
  • Urge – हठ करना/जिद्द करना – Don’t urge me to take a dip in it.
  • Her teeth were all gone – उसके सभी दांत झड़ गए थे.
  • Accorded – दिया गया – Tigers and leopards, accorded highest protection under the wildlife act.
  • Conservation – संरक्षण – Tiger Conversation Authority.
  • Saffron – केसरिया – My mother’s body had been wrapped from head to toe in a saffron silk cloth.
  • Grand – शानदार – Her death was so grand, that I know, all at once (सबके सब उसी समय) that her life must have been miserable ( निरानंद).
  • Swing – झूलाना – I remember swinging my hands and singing, ‘Shiva’s name is the truth.

Learn English words list with Hindi meaning For Speaking English

दिन दहाड़े – Broad daylight- Yesterday, the bank near our house was robbed in broad daylight.

विचारों में मग्न रहना – Brown study- Shyam is in the habit of getting into brown study.

आहिस्ता-आहिस्ता – By and By- By and by people began to come into the lecture hall.

बात-बात में यूँ ही – By the way- By the way, are you going to church ?

साफ-साफ कह देना – Call a spade a spade- I am not rude but at the same time I don’t hesitate to call a spade a spade.

मौत की सजा – Capital punishment-  The murderer was awarded Capital punishment.

Learn Some Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

इंतजार में रहना – Cast about for- He will cast about for an opportunity to take revenge on you.

जाना, भागना – Clear off- Don’t bother me. Clear off !

बाल-बाल बचना – Close shave- My car was just about to dash against the lamp post. It was quite a close shave.

पता चलना – Come to light- The conspiracy came to light at the right time and plotters were arrested.

ऊपर बताए गए सभी Daily Us English Words With Hindi Meaning And Examples को ध्यान से समझें और इनका प्रयोग हर दिन अंग्रेजी बोलने में करें; चलिए हम आगे बढ़ते हैं और कुछ English to Hindi word meaning list पढ़ते हैं.

  • Stench – दुर्गंध, Decaying – सड़े हुए, Flesh – मांस – I smelled the river before I saw it : a stench of decaying flesh rising from my right.
  • Gigantic – भारी – There was a gigantic noise there.
  • Split – चीरना – Fire wood being split.
  • Edge – किनारा – A wooden platform had been built by the edge of the ghat.
  • Logs – लकड़ी का लट्ठा – Logs were piled up (जमा होते गया) on the platform.
  • Smash – टूकड़े-टूकड़े करना – Men with axes were smashing the logs.
  • Funeral pyres – शवदाह चिता – Chunks of wood were being built into funeral pyres on the steps of the ghat that went down into the water.
  • Wait – इंतज़ार करना – We waited our turn.
  • Glisten – चमका – In the distance, an island of white sand glisten in the sun light, and boats full of people were heading to that island.
  • Mention – जिक्र करना – I have mentioned.
  • Pull over – हटा देना – This cloth was now pulled over her face.
  • Priest – पुजारी – Then the priests set my mother on fire.
  • Ate away – नष्ट करना – As the fire ate away the sat in; a pale food jerked (हिला) out, like a living thing.
  • Carl up – सिकुड़कर बैठना – The toes, which were melting in the heat, began to carl up.
  • Resistance – विरोध – offering resistance to what was being done to them.
  • Resisting – मुकाबला करना – Her toes were flexed and resisting.
  • Black mound – मिट्टी की मेंड़ – Soon she would become part of the black mound and the pale-skinned dog would start licking her.

English Meaning Of Hindi Words List For Spoken English

मिलता-जुलता होना – Corresponding to- While digging in the field other day I found an old coin Corresponding to the one shown in this picture.

विस्तार से कहना – Cover a lot of ground- In his very first lecture the professor covered a lot of ground.

बिल्कुल खिलाफ – Dead against- Her mother is dead against her acting in the films. 

कतई पूरा न होने वाला – Dead loss- He invested quite a lot of money in paper business but it proved to be a dead loss. 

आधी रात को – Dead of light- The thief entered the house at dead of night.

Learn Some Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

बहुत थका हुआ – Dead tired- Having walked Four miles I felt dead tired and immediately fell asleep. 

मार डालना – Done to death-  The poor man was done to death by repeated lathi blows on the head.

मर्यादा तय करना – Draw a line- I can at the most give you one thousand rupees. And then I must draw a line. 

मिलने जाना – Drop in on-  Do drop in on me whenever you have the time.

छोड़ देना – Drop out of-  He had to drop out of the race when his car broke down.

शराब पीकर आने वाली झूठी वीरता – Dutch courage-  He showed a lot of dutch courage, but got frightened as the drink wore off.

नीचे कुछ और daily use English words with Hindi meaning list दिए जा रहे हैं जिन्हें ध्यान से सीखें और इनका प्रयोग अंग्रेजी बोलने में करें –

  • sewage – नाली से बहने वाला पानी – There is one street in the village; a bright strip of sewage splits it into two.
  • Ooze – किचड़ – On either side of the ooze; a market; there more or less identical shops selling more or less identically adulterated (मिलावटी) and stale (बासी) items of rice.
  • Cone like – शंकू के आकार जैसा – At the end of market is a tall, white washed, cone like tower, with black intertwining (लपेटा हुआ) snakes painted on all its sides – the temple.
  • Winnow – ओसाना – One winnowing rice in front of my home.
  • Scalp – खोपड़ी – One squatting down, looking through the scalp of another women, squeezing the ticks (जू) to death between her fingers.
  • Scatter – तितर-बितर होना – The tea shop would scatter, and the smell of dust, and sand and pig shit (बदबू) would blow into the shop.
  • Peculiarities – अनोखा – There were three others and each had got his name from the peculiarities of appetite (रुचि) that had been detected in him.
  • Own – मालिकाना हक रखना – He owned the river that flowed outside the village.
  • Bow – झुकना – If you wanted to work on those lands, you had to bow down to his feet and touch the dust under his slipper, and agree to swallow (निगलना) his day wages (मजदूरी).
  • Crouch – पालथी मारकर बैठना – They had to crouch near the back in that hunched (कूबड़) – over, squatting posture (मुद्रा) common to servants in very part of India.
  • Reveal – प्रकट करना – He rolledrolled
  • down the windows to reveal his grin (हंसी), two of his teeth, on either side of his nose were long, and curved, like little tusks ( सूड़ ) .
  • Cast aspersions on – किसी की आलोचना करना – His opponents never missed an opportunity to cast aspersions on his professionalism.
  • After all – आखिरकार – You don’t need to call him. After all, he never calls you.
  • All of a sudden – अचानक – All of a sudden it became dark and the rain started.
  • About to do something – कुछ करने के लिए तैयार रहना – I was about to leave for the college when somebody knocked on the door.
  • Arrive in a body – समूह में पहुँचना – things became noisy when the workers entered the manager’s office in a body.
  • Set the ball rolling – get something started, specially a conversation or a social event – The supporters of the student leader got the ball rolling by shouting slogans in favour of his candidature.
  • Learn some more interesting daily use English words with Hindi meaning and use in your daily routine sentences.
  • Get/Jump/leap on the bandwagon – do something it is fashionable or profitable, join a cause or movement – Media is playing an important role in creating awareness on the issue and more and more people are getting on the bandwagon to denounce cigarette smoking.
  • Bat an eye/eyelash/eyelid – to not show any shock or surprise – When the court pronounced the prisoner guilty of murder, the accused stood there without batting an eyelid.
  • Get out of bed on the wrong side – be in a bad or grumpy mood – His behavior with everyone is very bad today. It seems he got up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Be glad to see the back of somebody /something – The guest became an absolute pain for the hosts and they were really pleased to see the back of him.
  • After learning all these daily use English words with Hindi meaning, you speak good English.
  • Get to the bottom of something – discover the truth about a situation – It is doubtful if political interference will allow the investigators to get to the bottom of the case.
  • Cross the bridge when one comes to it – resolve a problem when it occurs, rather than try to solve it in advance – What will you if you fail in the exam? I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
  • Be on the brink of doing something – be likely to do something very soon – The company dismissed the report that it was on the brink of selling its shares.
  • Back to the drawing board – back to the planing stage – The Client rejected all our proposals so we had to ask the consultant to take the project back to the drawing board.

मैं आशा करता हूँ कि आपको ऊपर दिए गए सभी Daily use English words with Hindi meaning सीखना अच्छा लगा होगा; यदि हाँ तो आप इस Daily use English words with Hindi meaning post को शेयर करना ना भूलें, धन्यवाद !

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