Phrases With Hindi Meaning And Examples For Speaking English

Today, I am going to give you some important phrases with Hindi meaning. By reading this post; you can learn some useful Idioms & Phrases for speaking English.

Read all the following given English word meanings with Hindi and start using these all meanings in your own sentences to improve your English speaking skill. Let’s move and start learning phrases with Hindi meaning…

Idioms & Phrases Meanings For Speaking English –

Let the cat out of the bag-भेंद खोलनाRamesh let the cat out of the bag when he said, ” Renu was just pretending to be ill because she did not want to go to school.

Let the grass grow under your feet-किसी काम में विलंब करनाDo this work quickly; don’t let the grass grow under your feet.

Lie in one’s power-समर्थ होना – I will do whether lies in my power to get you the job.

Light-fingered gentry-पाकिटमारAs he reached his trousers’ pocket for his wallet; he released that he had fallen a victim to the light-fingered gentry.

Light reading-उपन्यास आदि हलका साहित्य – I think I will do some light reading during train journey to pass time.

Abreast with- जानकारी रखना – He keeps himself abreast with the latest developments in the world of science.

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Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Absent-minded person- असावधान व्यक्ति – Our professor is a very absent-minded person.

Agreeable to- अनुकूल होना – He being very fussy, the plan was not agreeable to his wishes.

All moonshine- बिल्कुल झूठा – What you are saying is all moonshine.

All the same- फिर भी – Although your agreements appear convincing all the same it will not happen.

Ask for something-झगड़े का परिणाम – Now you are complaining about the cut in your salary. You had asked for it by regularly coming late.

Be no more- दुश्मनी होना – Since her husband is no more she feels quite lost.

Be off- निकल जाना – I was tired of his chattering and asked him to be off.

Be under age- नाबालिक होना – You can not vote as you are under age.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Be well-off- धनवान होना – They own a house and a car, so they certainly are well-off.

Bear down upon- हमला करना – Our warship bore down upon the enemy convoy.

Bed of roses- सुख चैन की अवस्था – Life is no bed of roses.

Bind alley- एक तरफ से बंद गली – They had to turn back as they had entered a blind alley.

Blow one’s top- बहुत गुस्से में होना – Ram has not been caring for his studies at all . Naturally, his father had to blow his top.

Bolt upright- बिल्कुल सीधा – As he was suddenly awakened by a passing procession noise he got up and sat bolt upright

Beast of burden- सामान ढोने वाला जानवर – Mules are used a beasts of burden by the Indian Army.

Break the news- कोई समाचार देना – Ram had drowned and somebody had to break the sad news to his family somehow.

Bring to the hammer- नीलाम करना – As he went bankrupt, all his goods were brought to the hammer.

Call to order- बैठक प्रारम्भ करना – The chairman called the meeting to order.

Read Some More Hindi Idioms & Phrases With English Meaning –

Lion’s share-बहुत बड़ा हिस्सा होना – The lion’s share of his profit was appropriated by his financier.

Little by little-धीरे-धीरे – His health is improving, but little by little.

Live from hand to mouth-मुफलिसी में गुजारा करना – Majority of Indian population lives from hand to mouth.

Live up to-वचन का निर्रवाह करना – Ramesh had great expectations of his son but he did not live up to them.

Capital crime- मौत की सजा जैसा गुनाह – Murder is a capital crime.

Carry one’s point- विरोध समाप्त करना – In the beginning Mohan was slightly vague in his speech but gradually he succeeded in carrying his point.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Catch one’s eye- ध्यान खींचना – I could not catch his eye, else I would have greeted him.

Cock and bull story- मनगढ़ंत कहानी – Who would believe such a cock and bull story.

Cold feet- डर जाना – At the sight of his opponent he got cold feet.

Cold shoulder- किसी का साथ अप्रिय लगना – He tried to talk to her, but she gave him the cold shoulder.

Drop a line- छोटा सा पत्र लिखना – As soon as I get to Mumbai. I will drop you a line.

Ease someone out- शिष्टतापूर्वक नौकरी से निकालना – After the two companies merged a number of their officers had to be eased out.

Easy come, easy go- बिना प्रयास प्राप्त होना – He inherited great wealth but spent it all foolishly. It was a case of easy come, easy go.

Eat one’s words- शब्द वापिस लेना – He was vehemently insisting on his point, but finally had to eat his words, when the truth came out.

Come of age- बालिग हो जाना – Now that you have come of age, you should take you own decisions.

Come up to- बराबर होना – The profit from this deal with Renuka Enterprise has not come up to my expectation.

Confirmed bachelor- नामजद कुंवाराIs he going to marry late or is he a confirmed bachelor.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Cry over spilt milk- व्यर्थ खेद करना – In the beginning only, I had told you that was a bad bargain. It is no use crying over spilt milk now.

Cut to the quick- मर्मभेदी बात करना – Your reproaches cut him to the quick.

Dead letter- गलत पते के कारण डाक घर में पड़ा रहने वाला पत्र – As there was no address on the letter it was went to the dead letter office.

Dish something out- बहुत सफाई से आलोचना करना – He is a glib talker and very good at dishing out flattery.

Do well- प्रगति करना – He is doing quite well in his new business.

Down and out- हतोत्साह होना – He was without money and without food. In short, just down and out.

These All Hindi Words Meanings Are Very Important For Speaking English –

Long and short-संक्षेप में – The long and short of what I have to say to you is that you are inefficient.

Long winded-भाषण का लम्बा होना – The audience visibly appeared bored with his long winded speech.

Look a gift horse in the mouth – मिले हुए उपहार की आलोचना करना – You should not say that the book Mohan has gifted you is rubbish . It is improper to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Fan the flame- किसी बुरी बात को प्रोत्साहन देना – Although outwardly he professed loyalty, in secret he was fanning the flame of sedition.

Fancy price- बहुत अधिक मूल्य का होना – He has recently bought an imported TV set at a fancy price.

Get along with- मित्रवत रहना – He has the knack for getting along with all sorts of people.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Get away with- बुरा काम करके सजा से मुक्त रहना – You can’t cheat me like that and get away with it.

Get into the swing of things- नई परिस्थिति में घुल मिल जाना – Many of the Indian students don’t take long to get into the swing of things in the U.S.A.

Get on one’s nerves- तंग करना – She talks so much that she gets on my nerves.

Get out of- बाहर निकल जाना – Sita is a very affectionate mother and does not let her children get out of her sight. 

Get the better of- विजय पानी, मात करना – He easily got the better of her in the argument.

Get the sack- नौकरी से हटाया जाना – He is thoroughly incompetent and I know that one day he will get the sack.

Fast living- ऐश आराम की जिन्दगी – Rich men’s children generally like fast living.

Fight shy of- टालना – I fight shy of air travel as it makes me sick.

Forty winks- बहुत थोड़ी देर के लिए झपकी लेना – After lunch I must have my forty winks.

Fill in for- किसी की जगह लेना – For the time being I am staying at a hotel, but I propose to rent a flat shortly.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Fresh lease of life- पुनर्जीवित करना – The heart patient was almost dying. But now through the relentless efforts of doctor he has got a fresh lease of life.

Fringe benefits- वेतन के अलावा मिलने वाला लाभ – His salary is small, but he gets good fringe benefits.

Fair play- न्यायसंगत बर्ताव – I know him well and can count on his sense of fair play.

Fall back upon- किसी चीज का सहारा लेना – If I don’t do well as a businessman I have had to fall back upon my old profession of Journalism.

Fall behind in- पिछड़ जाना – He fell ill and had to miss his college for a month. As a result he fell behind in his studies.

Get word- संदेश मिलना – I got word that my brother had suddenly become ill.

Gift of the garb- भाषण कला – He has a Gift of the garb and can hold his audience spellbound.

Give a wide berth- दूर रखना – He is not to be trusted. You should always Give him a wide berth.

Hindi Speaking Idioms With English Meaning –

Look back on-स्मरण करना – It is usually pleasant to look back on the childhood memories.

Look down upon-घृणा करना – We should not look down upon him just because he is poor.

Look forward to-उत्सुकता से प्रतीक्षा करना – We are all looking forward to your visit to Mumbai.

Look out for-खोज में होना – I am no the look out for a good second hand car.

Go without saying- स्पष्ट होना – It goes without saying that honesty pays in the long run.

Grow grey- एक ही काम में जिंदगी बिताना – He began working at the age of twenty, and has grown grey in the same office.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Grow out of- आयु बढ़ने के साथ कोई आदत छूटना – As child he used to stutter, but now has grown out of it.

Hang fire- देर होना – This matter had been hanging fire for more than a month.

Haul over the coals- कोसना या भत्सर्ना करना – The boss hauled him over the coals for his insubordination.

In a mess- संकट में पड़ना – Do your work properly, else you will get into a mess.

In course of time- समय बीतने पर – In course of time the little boy grew into a fine young man.

In one’s line- पेशे के अनुकूल होना – He writes quite well. After all this is in his line.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Have a finger in the pie- किसी चीज में हिस्सा होना – Why should you be so interested in What he is being paid ? Do you have a finger in the pie.

Have another guess coming- गलत होना – If you think I will be with you in this mischief, you have another guess coming.

Have an eye on a thing- किसी वस्तु पर दृष्टि रखना – Be content with What you have. Don’t have an eye on others’ things.

Hide one’s light under a bushel- गुण छुपाकर रखना – To keep such a learned man in his light under a bushel.

Hit the nail on the head- सही बात कहना – The reviewer hit the nail on the head when he wrote that the main shortcoming of the book was the author’s ignorance of the subject.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Idle compliment- झूठी प्रशंसा – Although he praised my work yet I knew it was an Idle compliment.

Give currency of- जाहिर करना – Many new words in English have got currency of late.

Give the slip- चकमा देकर भाग जाना – As the thief saw the policeman he gave him the slip by getting into a nearby lane.

Go a long way- काफी हद तक उपयुक्त होना – This amount will go a long way in defraying your trip expenses.

Go hand-in-hand- साथ-साथ चलना – Going hand-in-hand with this expansion programme of the company is a massive plan of modernisation.

Go off the deep end- जल्दीबाजी से कुछ कर बैठना – Think with a cool mind. There is no need to go off the deep end and act foolishly.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Go to rack and ruin- विनाश होना – The government must do something to save this sick sugar mill from going to rack and ruin.

Learn Some Interesting Phrases With Hindi Meaning.

Learn Idioms & Phrases With Examples For Spoken English –

Look up to-आदर करना – When Gandhiji was alive everybody used to look up to him.

Lord it over-शाशन करना – Try to be independent. Don’t let others lord over you.

Lose ground-पिछड़ जाना – To begin with he was ahead of others in the race; but later he lost ground.

Lose one’s cool-उत्तेजित होना – One should not lose one’s cool even in the most difficult situation.

Lose one’s head-संयम खो बैठना – You are of course in a fix but still you must not lose your head.

Lose one’s touch-पहले की कुशल का – I am afraid I will not be able to play well anymore; I seem to have lost my touch.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Lose one’s way-रास्ता भूलना – We had gone for hunting, but while returning lost our way in the woods.

Maiden speech-पहला भाषण – The new M.P. of our area promised to bring electricity in our town in his maiden speech.

Keep out the way- दूर रखना – Keep selfish people like Ramesh out of the way.

Keep someone at arm’s length- पास फटकने न देना – He is a cheat so I take care to keep him at arm’s length.

Keep to the house- घर से बाहर न जाना – He has not been keeping well of late so he keeps to the house.

Keep track of- नोट करके रखना – We are going to keep track of all our expenses while we are in the U.S. A.

Kick a habit- आदत छोड़ देना – He used to be quite a heavy smoker. I wonder How come he has locked this habit.

Knock off- कोई काम खत्म करना – You have been working since morning-now knock it off.

Knowing look- सारगर्भित दृष्टिक्षेप – He gave me a knowing look, when I said I was busy in the evening.

Laughing stock- हंसी मजाक का निशाना बनना – He talked nonsense and made himself the laughing stock at the party.

Let fly- जोर से फेंकना – The dog let fly a stone in the direction of the dog.

In the doldrums- प्रगति रुक जाना – On account of trade recession his business in in the doldrums for more than a year.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

In the long run- अंत में – You will find that he proves to be your best friend in the long run.

Ins and outs- पूरा विवरण – Only Rakesh knows the ins and outs of this affair.

Jump to a conclusion- पूरा विचार न करते हुए – Don’t jump to the conclusion that Ravi does not care for you only because he could not help you this time.

Lay one’s hand on- जरुरत की चीज मिल जाना – I hope I am lucky to lay my hand on the history book, I am looking for.

Lay up for a rainy day- गाढ़े वक्त के लिए इंतजाम करना – Don’t spend your money so lavishly. You should lay up something for a rainy day.

Lead a charmed life- बड़े-बड़े खतरों से बच निकलना – I wonder how he has come out unscathed from this dangerous mission. He seems to be leading a charmed life.

Leave the beaten track- घिसी-पिटी लकीर से हटना – This author has left the beaten track and suggested a fresh look on the age-old problem of casteism.

Leave to oneself- अकेले छोड़ना – At times I prefer to be left to myself.

Legal tender- सरकारी मान्यता प्राप्त – Thousand rupee notes are not legal tender any more.

Learn Some More Phrases With Hindi Meaning

Lend a hand- सहायत करना – Let us all lend him a hand in carrying these books to the basement.

Keep a thing to oneself- राज़ न खोलना – I knew he did not mean what he was saying, so I kept the whole thing to myself.

Keep good time- ठीक समय बिताना – My watch always keeps good times.

Keep in the dark- जानकारी न देना – Why did you keep me in dark about your illness.

Keep on with- एक ही काम करते रहना – I asked him to check these proofs and he has kept on with it for the last Four hours.

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