Top 9 Unseen Passage For Class 9,8 And 10

Today, in this general English grammar post, you are going to learn how to give the answer of unseen passage for class 9, 8, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3.

Read the following unseen passage for class 9, 8, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 are given below with its questions and answers carefully and get good marks in the examination.

This post contains good practical advice for passage for class 9, 8, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3. It will help you to improve reading the passage very greatly if you adopt a new attitude to reading the passage.

unseen passage for class 8
Learn General English For Examination

Testing our skills in reading passage; there are two methods of testing our skill in reading the passage.

  • By noting the time taken by our reading of a passage we can count the number of words read by us during examination; We can thus, increase our speed of reading passage and giving the answers of questions.
  • The second method to test one’s ability in reading comprehension is to prepare a precis of the passage and read and answer the various questions that follow the passage.

Unseen Passage For Class 8 With Questions And Answers

Read the following unseen passage for class 8 and answer the questions that follow –

At a time when the use of fossil fuels to power vehicles is making environmentalist angry, an alternative source of fuel – the biodiesel – has emerged as a useful solution. Additionally, its use solves a disposal problem.

The fuel is nothing but used vegetable oil which has been tested satisfactorily. It has made a vehicle called the veggie van (a motor home) run more than 16,000 km across the United States.

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Also it has visited 20 major cities causing absolutely no harm to the environment.

Vegetable oil from various restaurants in America was all that was used along the entire journey.

The novel experiment was started as a college project by two students Joshna and Kaia. It eventually ended in a massive public awareness programme.

The idea of using vegetable oil as fuel for a diesel engine first occurred to them when they visited a traditional form in the picturesque Southern Germany where vehicle fuelled by vegetable oil were in use.

While studying agricultural and living on these farms, they noticed that farmers were always filling tanks of a yellow liquid.

“This fuel comes from the canola plants which grow on our farms and nearby areas. We put in the diesel and it smells good, “farmers said.”

The process of converting vegetable oil into bio-diesel fuel is cheap and easy to find. Any vegetable oil, such as used cooking oil, methanol or clear alcohol can be used as fuel.

The diesel engine which is being used, however, can run on altered vegetable oil or bio-diesel without any modification.

Not only does bio-diesel require zero modifications to the engine, this fuel works either by itself or blended with petroleum diesel.

Bio-diesel has since been recognised as an official alternative fuel in the US. Its use by the bus and truck fleet has soared by more than 1000 per cent.

Unseen Passage Questions –

  • What makes the environmentalist angry?
  • What is the alternative fuel suggested in the unseen passage?
  • What is the Veggie Van?
  • In which country, the idea of the alternative fuel originated?
  • How the alternative fuel is made?
  • What advantages does the alternative fuel has over the petroleum diesel?
  • Explain the meaning of the following words/phrases : (a) absolutely (b) massive (c) eventually (d) alcohol

Unseen Passage Answers –

  • The use of fossil fuels to power vehicle is making environmentalists angry.
  • The alternative fuel suggested in the unseen passage is the bio-diesel.
  • The Veggie Van is a vehicle in which bio-diesel (vegetable oil) has been tested satisfactorily.
  • The idea of alternative fuel was originated in Southern Germany.
  • The alternative fuel is made by converting vegetable oil into bio-diesel fuel.
  • Advantages of the alternative fuel over the petroleum diesel : (a) It is easy to find. (b) It is eco-friendly. (c) It solves disposal problem. (d) It works by itself or blends with petroleum diesel. (e) It requires zero modifications to the engine.
  • Explanations : (a) Absolutely : Completely or Certainly. (b) Massive : In large scale. (c) Eventually : Possible event. (d) Alcohol : Colourless flammable liquid.

Numerical Growth Of Population Passage For Practice

Read this unseen passage for class 6 and 7 carefully and answer the questions that follow in this passage –

There are several facts linked with this numerical growth of population which deserve immediate attention. In the order of nature, the fittest survive; the weak, the unfit must perish.

But medical science helps those too that suffer from physical or other disability to live longer lives. Their disability are inherited by their children.

This adds to the number of handicapped people in the world, and thus leads to a degradation of every kind. The pressure of population makes the individuals unimportant or less important.

The environment is neglected, and adversely affected, because of the exigency of maintaining so many people in a space which does not expanded with growing population.

Hundred percent success in birth-control is no longer a dream. The means to attain it are almost here.

Soon people will be able to determine the sex of their offspring with the help of genetic engineering. These scientific inventions will create great problems for mankind.

Another side-effect of population explosion is emerging. The balance between the number of old people and young people is swinging.

Since the number of old and young people is increasing, the middle age people are feeling burdened. For every man in working years of life, there are more dependents than before.

Because of these imbalance among age-groups of working and dependent parts of population, they may have to allow lesser years for education of the young and for retirement of the old, so that they could work for longer years.

So, if we still neglect birth-control, we shall encounter compulsions which our moral, social or religious backgrounds disapprove of.

For example, we may have to approach the government to be allowed to beget children, or to apply scientific methods to improve human race and to take care of old people.

Such are the ultimate results of man’s interference with the work of nature. The techniques we use to defy the control of nature will bring a new disaster – population explosion and its negative effects.

Unseen Passage Questions –

  1. How has the increasing population affected the middle aged personnel?
  2. How does medical science defy the order of nature?
  3. What is genetic engineering expected to enable the person?
  4. The pressure of the population makes the individual……………?
  5. Population explosion may ultimately discomfort our…………….?
  6. Write the synonyms of Perish and Exigency?
  7. Write suffix and prefix of ‘disabilities’?

Unseen Passage Answers –

  1. The increasing population increases the number of the old and the young people too, and thus the burden of the middle-aged group is increased. They have to work more to feed the people dependent on them.
  2. Medical science defies the order of nature by enabling the unfit creature survive.
  3. Genetic engineering is expected to enable people to choose the gender of their children.
  4. The pressure of population makes the individual less valuable.
  5. Population explosion may ultimately discomfort our moral attitude.
  6. Word : Perish – Vanish (Synonyms) Exigency – Necessity (Synonyms)
  7. Disabilities : Prefix – Dis, Suffix – ties

Plastic Bags Affect The Natural Growth Of Greenery Passage For Class 5

Read this unseen passage for class 5 carefully and reply of the questions given below.

Polythene shopping bags and wrappers are potential threat to urban environment. Once you have discarded them after use, you do not lose your link with them.

They return to you in a variety of ways, though you do not realise it. For example, they choke your drains and provide breeding facilities to deadly germs.

A recent study has shown that about 250 tonnes of plastic wastes come out of various colonies of major cities alone every day.

This disrupts the sewer system, the essential arteries of city life. These plastic wastes choke the land mass and clog the pores of the wetlands.

Unfortunately, even the villages and small towns are not free from this danger. Millions of people returning to their hometowns every day carry their shopping in colourful bags.

This please their family and children, who after preserving them for a time, dispose then in wells, rivers, tanks and drains. Many throw them off into the fields.

They do it with a sense of pride, to show off. When their neighbours see that their men from the cities regularly send them those good things of life, they are impressed.

In Delhi, the worst offenders are the upper income groups of the so-called posh colonies. Though educated, the residents of these affluent areas are unaware of the damage done by the plastic bags.

Nearly a million children in Delhi school carry their lunch boxes in plastic bags. They callously throw them away and cause unhealthy environment.

As it is convenient for mothers to wrap the food in plastic it is difficult to persuade them doing this. According to the drill master of a school in R.K. Puram, it becomes a drill to clean the field after the children leave.

When the midday meal scheme is fully implemented, it must be seen that no plastic wrappers are used.

As these wrappers are light in weight, they are borne aloft by the wind causing visual shocks.

Unlike cotton or paper bags they remain undissolved in the mud and stop the rain water from seeping deep into the earth. This affects the natural growth of greenery.

Unseen Passage Questions –

  1. What are the finding of the recent study about plastic waste?
  2. How do polythene bags and wrappers become threat to urban environment?
  3. What do the villagers want to convey to their neighbours by throwing the plastic bags into the fields?
  4. How do the students pollute the environment?
  5. How do wrappers cause visual shocks?
  6. How do the plastic bags affects the natural growth of greenery?
  7. What are the comments of the drill master?
  8. Explain the following words of this unseen passage – Discarded, Choke, Disrupt, Callously.?

Unseen Passage Answers For Practice –

  1. A recent study has shown that about 250 tonnes of plastic wastes come out of various colonies of major cities alone every day.
  2. Polythene bags and wrappers choke the dains and thus provide a good breeding place for deadly germs.
  3. They want to show off the things they get from their city people, and thus impress their neighbours.
  4. The students pollute the environment by throwing away the plastic bags in which they have brought their lunch boxes.
  5. Being light in weight, they are carried aloft by the wind. Thus they come suddenly before our eyes, and cause a visual shock.
  6. Plastic bags remain undissolved in the mud and stop the rain water from seeping deep into the earth. This affects the natural growth of greenery.
  7. The drill master of a school in R.K. Puram, it becomes a drill to clean the field after the children leave.
  8. Discarded – Throw away, Got ride of. Choke – Block. Disrupt – Interrupts, causes disorder in. Callously – Cruelly.

The Importance Of Computer In This Modern Era Passage For Class 4

Read the importance of computer unseen passage for class 4 and answer the questions that follow –

Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems are put a thousand on unrelated data in order.

These machines can be put to varied uses. For the instance, they can provide information on the best way to prevent traffic accidents.

They work accurately and at high speed. They save research workers’ years of hard work. This whole process by which machines can be used to work for us has been called ‘Automation’.

In future, automation may enable human being to enjoy more leisure than they do today. The coming of automation is bound to have important social consequences.

Some years ago, an expert on automation, Sir Leon Bagrit, pointed out that it was a mistake to believe that these machines could think.

There is no possibility that human being will be controlled by machines. Though computers are capable of learning from their mistakes and improving on their performances, they need detailed instructions from human being to be able to operate.

They can never lead independent lives or rule the world by taking decisions of their own.

Sir Leon said that, in future, computers would be developed which would be small enough to be carried in One’s pocket.

Ordinary people would then be able to use them to obtain valuable information. Computers could be plugged into a wireless network and could be used like radios.

For instance, people going on holiday, could be informed about weather conditions. Car drivers could be given an alternative route, when there is a traffic jam.

It will also be possible to make tiny translating machines. This will enable people who do not share a common language to talk to each other without any difficulty or to read a foreign Publication.

It is impossible to assess the importance of a machine of this sort, for many international misunderstandings are caused simply due to our failure to understand each other.

Computers will also be used in ordinary public hospitals. By providing a machine with a patient’s systems a doctor will be able to diagnose the nature of his illness similarly, machines could be used to keep a check on a patient’s health record and during it up-to-date.

Doctors will, therefore, have immediate access to great many facts which will help them in their work. Book-keepers and accountants too could be relieved of dull clerical work.

For the tedious task of compiling and checking lists of figures could be done entirely by machines.

Computers are the most efficient servants man has ever had, and there is no limit to the way they can be used to improve our lives.

Read Unseen Passage Questions For Practice

  1. What are the capabilities of computers?
  2. What is automation?
  3. Why can not computers replace man?
  4. What is the benefit of automation to man?
  5. What is the major cause of many international misunderstandings?
  6. Mention the areas in which computers can be effectively used?
  7. What do you understand by all these words in this unseen passage ?

Unseen Passage Answers For Practice –

  1. Computers can solve the most complex mathematical problems; arrange unrelated data; compile facts, help in regulating traffic; help in diagnosing a disease; etc.
  2. Automation means getting machines to work for us.
  3. Computers can work only under the direction from man.
  4. Automation can provide man more leisure than he has today.
  5. Many international misunderstandings are caused simply due to our failure to understand each other.
  6. Computers can be effectively used in the areas of medical diagnosis and book-keeping.
  7. Data – Series of observation or facts, numbers, digits etc. operated on by computer. Varied – Of different kinds. Compiling – Collecting information to form a book. Consequences – Results, effects. Tedious – Tiresome, dull, boring.

I hope that you read all unseen passage and their questions and answers; you do practice with the help of all these questions and answers have been given in this post.

All these unseen passage are very important for all classes.

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